Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness

pet insuranceAkron Pet Insurance is here to take care of your pets. The reason why we started our business is because we love pets and want to contribute in every way to ensure that they live a happy and healthy life. We offer the people of Ohio a caring integrative approach for your pets. We know and understand that pets are an important part of your life and they are also members of your family. Our goal is to take care of your pets in any way we can.

Apart from providing insurance services, we also offer pet wellness services. If your pet is suffering from any medical condition, we are more than happy to check out what it is and cure them as well. Our pet wellness services do not include just medical related stuff as you are also here to groom your pet for your convenience.

Our Pet Wellness Plan

The people at Akron Pet Insurance are highly dedicated in providing the people of Ohio with personal medical care services. This way you’re the wellbeing of your pet will also enhance and they will have a chance to live a much healthier life.

As we mentioned before, we love pets. It gives us pure joy when we see a pet happy and healthy. In order to give them that health and happiness, we offer you with a pet wellness plan. This way you won’t have to constantly worry about caring for your pet. Our main focus is on preventive care so that your pet never ends up having an unexpected disease. Also, with our services your pet will always stay groomed. We are ready to work side by side with you in order to create a lifetime preventative health care plan for that special friend you have in your house.

The basis of creating such a plan is to perform regular wellness examinations of your pet. This will include screening to identify any common diseases and ailments that can prove to be unhealthy for your pet. As your pet gets older, there are high chances of it to develop different diseases. During this stage, it is important that the screenings are done on regular basis so that we can identify a disease before it becomes deadly.

Every pet that we associate with becomes important to us. When you purchase our pet wellness program, it is important that you keep us updated about the health of your pet. We recommend that you inform us immediately when you feel that your pet is not behaving normally. We feel that once you purchase our pet wellness program, it becomes our responsibility to take care of your pet and make sure that he/she is always in good health. We will give you all the necessary information regarding your pet so that you can take immediate action. We feel that our medical knowledge would be useless if we don’t share it with you.

You probably go to the doctor regularly, but do you take your pet to the vet that often as well? Rather than taking your pet for regular checkups, you can come to us. If there is something seriously wrong with your pet, than we will inform you so that you can take immediate action. By coming to us for a routine examination, things would become a lot easier for you, your pet and your vet. Through our pet wellness program, you would be able to spot any potential medical issues with your pet and hopefully get them cured before anything bad happens.

When you come to see us, we will give you all the information about how you can take care of your pet and so much more! You can ask us anything related to your pet and we would be more than happy to answer all your questions!

When you bring your pet in, we will do all kinds of checkups. This will include:

  • Listening to your pet’s heart which will help us in identifying if the pet is suffering or might suffer from cardiac disease.
  • Check the teeth of your pet and evaluate its oral cavity.
  • We will also listen to your pets lungs so that we are able to identify health issues like infections.
  • Assess the vision of your pet.
  • Look inside your pet’s ears
  • Check its muscles and joints

These are just some basic things that we do. We will also perform further tests and procedures as considered necessary. We assure you that we will take care of your pet in any way we can. Call us today!