About Us

About Us

about us pet insuranceAt Akron Pet Insurance, we believe that pets are a part of family and they deserve to be treated with the same love and care that we give to our children. Just like humans, pets get sick too. They can have deadly diseases which can ruin their health and lead to their death. In order to prevent that from happening, our company was established. We are dedicated towards making sure that your furry friends get the best care one can ask for. We offer you with excellent and high quality pet insurance services.

Akron Pet Insurance is always looking to improve its services in any way possible. We offer our customers with affordable and flexible policies so that they can purchase them according to their needs. We are here to deliver you with compassionate customer services when it comes to a sick pet.

Since the time we started our company, we wanted to focus on one thing only: making sure that every pet in Ohio has a chance to live a full and healthy life. This is why we incorporated Akron Pet Insurance so that your pet gets treated immediately if he/she is experience from any unexpected illness or injury. Our aim is not to earn money by providing services, but to provide our customers with a flexible and easy to purchase insurance policy which will help out in extending the life of their pet.

Our Values

Here at Akron Pet Insurance, our values are everything to us. These values came into existence at the time our company was incorporating and since them we have dedicated ourselves in following them. Our values are molded in such a way that they will only prove to be beneficial for you and your pet.

Here are the values which we follow:

  • Communication: We have made a promise to the people of Ohio about helping them care for their pet’s health. However, our work involves so much more than that. Communication is essential in the field we work in. if there is no communication between the pet and an owner, the owner won’t be able to identify of his/her pet needs medical attention. Similarly, if we don’t have good communication with your pet, than we won’t be able to give them the love they deserve.
  • Compassion: This is quite obvious; we are complete pet lovers. For us, Akron Pet Insurance is not just some service provider. There is so much more to our company than simply that. The service we provide is something that is the closest to our hearts. We have this compassion for animals that is unexplainable. We have a passion to promise you a better life for all animals. This is what drives us to give our best to our customers. This is the core reason why we only hire the best employees and offer an exceptional service that only proven experience and true passion can deliver. Everything we do and every step we take is driven from our love for animals.
  • Commitment: Our commitment level is quite high. The pet insurance plan that we offer is super easy to understand. You can count on us to help you out where ever needed, especially when it comes to lowering your stress level regarding a sick pet. We are dedicated towards providing our customers and their pets with the best service and support and give them access to the most suitable pet health plan.
  • Connection: At Akron Pet Insurance, we believe that everything starts with a connection. There should be a strong connection between a pet and a person. This connection is what helps us in getting out of bed every morning. Animals can really change our lives and turn it into something beautiful. We feel that we have such a strong connection with animals that we formed a company just so that they can lead a healthy and safe life. We want to connect with our customers and their pets in the best possible manner so that we can serve you the way you want to be served.

We want you and your pets to feel safe at all times. Through our pet insurance policy, you will be at ease. There is no need for you to fear an unexpected injury or sickness of your pet. We have taken it upon us to take care of your pet, and we assure you that we will certainly deliver. Give us a chance to prove to you  just how good we are!